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Blooms n’ Rooms

A Bit of Everything

Blooms n’ Rooms in Seaforth has some of the most interesting products and the friendliest staff.

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There really isn’t a need to explain what type of business Blooms n’ Rooms is in Seaforth. Not only is owner Kendra Jewitt a florist, but she also sells something for every room in your home, and more!

Jewitt says that she never thought she would own her own flower shop, but that all changed five years ago when she bought the business.
When you first walk into the store, you’ll notice wreaths, picture frames and many other decorative wall hangings, kitchen and bath towels, candles, beauty products, umbrellas, collectable figurines, friendship balls, vases, jewellery, baby gifts, fake flowers and lots more! Jewitt says she tries really hard to make sure her store is different from other ones in town and that includes carrying as much Canadian made product as possible, “I try to keep everything reasonably priced. I sometimes see the same products at the big box store and I’ll have the same price as them. That makes me feel good about it.”

Jewitt went to school for Floral Design at Humber College and finds that customers keep coming back to her because she has unique designs and “Everyone says that my flowers last longer than others, usually about two weeks, three weeks. That’s awesome.” She says she has the longest lasting flowers because only the fresh ones go out. Anything that isn’t fresh is thrown out, “If I’m not happy with it, it doesn’t leave the store. That’s just what I’ve always been taught.”

An interesting product at Blooms n’ Rooms is Canadian made, “Pee Pee Teepees for the Sprinkling Wee Wee,” says Jewitt. They are reusable “covers” so that the person changing a little boy, doesn’t get “sprinkled on”, if you will. One of her best sellers are baby blankets handmade by Jewitt herself using colourful flannel prints.

Being friends with her customers is important to Jewitt which is why she tries to remember her customers names, even if they have only been in once or twice. She says that customers look for an experience that makes them feel special, part of that might be sharing personal experiences or talking about their weekend. She and her employees will make you feel like you’ve known each other for years, even if you’ve only seen her twice.
Just like other local businesses, Jewitt depends on residents to keep her going. “That’s my life. I try to keep local as much as I can because that’s how I survive, by people buying from me. That’s why I know how important it is to keep everything in the community.”

Jewitt has her own loyalty card program. Each time you spend $25 before tax, you get a hole punch on the card, once you’ve filled the card, you’ll receive $15 off the next purchase. When the Seaforth BIA brought out their Seaforth Smart Money in 2009, Jewitt offered an additional discount to those who paid for their purchases using Seaforth Smart Money. If you’re looking to save money on gorgeous and fresh flower arrangements, great home decor, gifts or if you’re just looking to start a new friendship be sure to check out Blooms n’ Rooms at 17 Main Street, Seaforth.