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Gaiser Kneale

Managing Your Risks

Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers can help you find the best insurance policy to cover your risks.

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What risks do you need coverage for? That’s what insurance brokers are asking themselves when you shop for insurance. The good part about seeing an independent broker like Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers is they do the shopping for you. They represent many different insurance companies, but they work for you, not the companies. This means, owner Jon Gaiser and his employees will work hard to find the best policy to protect you at the best possible price.

In about 1920, the business was started as W.H. Hodgson Ltd. which was owned by Herm Hodgson. At that time, Hodgson not only sold insurance but he was also trying his hand in the real estate business. Around the 1960s, Hodgson asked Jon’s late father, Mel, to start with the real estate company because of his knowledge of farms. A few years later, Hodgson retired. Mel, along with friend Jim Kneale, bought the business and changed the name in the early 1970s to what we recognize now – Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers Inc.

Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers is an independently owned business, licenced and governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. This means brokers are continually being educated about the rules and regulations – and of course new products in the insurance world. Gaiser Kneale also offers financial services such as the selling of RRSPs, GICs and Registered Retirement Income Funds.
With locations in Clinton, Grand Bend and their head office in Exeter, Gaiser Kneale makes it easy for customers all over Huron County to access their services. Gaiser says that’s the key to their success, “Most of our clients are well known to us. They know where we are, they know who we are. If they have a problem, they can come in and discuss it with us or we can go to them.”

The difference between Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers and other insurance companies is simply the word “brokers.” Some people in the insurance business are agents and they work for the insurance companies. Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers don’t work for a company, they work to find the best insurance policy for their customer. “We work for the consumer, we don’t work for the insurance company,” says Gaiser, “We have to provide the insurance company with all the truth, wisdom, knowledge and risk of a client that we know, but we still work for the client.” The brokers at Gaiser Kneale will help you get what you need, not what you don’t need.

Gaiser says once a client tells them what they’re looking for as far as protection, the brokers then go to their insurance suppliers to find the best policy for the client’s particular needs. Gaiser says sometimes you can’t find the best policy at the cheapest price. But if disaster strikes, Gaiser says he knows his customers will be happy with the policy Gaiser Kneale found for them, even if it costs a little more than what they had planned.
With so many different insurance companies out there, Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers deal with only the best, “We look for strong, stable, financially sound insurance companies. We only write with companies that are federally regulated to write in Canada.” Gaiser says they don’t want to deal with companies that are up one day and down the next. Gaiser Kneale represents many different types of insurance companies. “We offer everything from your small farm mutuals to large board companies or stock companies.” Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers also offer speciality insurance.

If you’re beginning to wonder what assets you need to have insured, the law states that you must insure your automobile. Gaiser says no matter which insurance company you go with, the automobile policy wordings will be the same which makes it easier to find the right auto insurance. As far as homeowners insurance or even renters insurance, ask yourself, “If I was faced with a disaster (fire, theft, etc.), could I afford to start over from scratch?” If the answer to that is “no” then you should have insurance. “If you can’t sleep at night and have a mortgage, you should insure,” says Gaiser, “It’s simply peace of mind.”

The customer base for Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers is largely local which means the company depends on repeat business. “The livelihood of the community we live in directly affects my business,” says Gaiser, “So I’m still a firm believer in shopping locally.” Gaiser says he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to buy anything from someone far away when there is a business close by who can serve you better and carries the same product. “We have to support each other and the best way to do that is to shop locally,” says Gaiser, “To me it’s just common sense.”

Whether you’re looking to invest some extra cash or insure your assets, call Gaiser Kneale Insurance Brokers Inc. for the best service, product and advice county-wide.
With three locations to serve you: 284 Main Street, Exeter; 2-81 Cresent Street, Grand Bend; 44 Ontario Street, Clinton.