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Getting Started? Remember Physics….

Getting Started ? Remember those Physics classes you took…

Mass….When you, the instigator of a business comes up with a business idea and put it in motion,  you are the trimmest, lightest and most maneuverable you will ever be.  You have very little Mass. It will take only a very little energy to change your direction….. Think Pebble or Boulder? Even if it is, in fact, a “nice” boulder, I’d  rather push a pebble. Wouldn’t you? I know that Sisyphus would agree with me. Cherish this moment.

Whether you have a new product or service that you can provide  the pebble  stage is a time that you can really change direction and be ready for almost anything without using too much energy. If you increase your mass by taking on staff, long term contracts and inventory,  it will take a great deal of energy  (money) to change direction. You do not need to be a boulder yet.   You cannot defy physics. It is a force of nature… a constant. But  do you know what isn’t ? Entrepreneurship. We start it…. therefore we get to determine its mass and its energy. We are the ones who will use  Force to  Accelerate it as we go along.     F=MA

What is the business advantage?

Less mass will enable you  to change a marketing message, change your business model, and more importantly make mistakes and quickly correct them. You do not need to be a boulder to start.

Get started, instigators,  and remember those physics classes you took, it will never be easier than right now.

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