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Flower Magic

A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Flower Magic in Seaforth has everything from flowers to home decor – including a large selection of angel figurines.

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After a painful accident at her former workplace, Mary van den Elzen decided it was time for a career change. In 2005, van den Elzen bought Flower Magic, located at 36 Main Street in Seaforth. The focus of the store has not changed with the new ownership – Flower Magic still carries fresh flowers, home decor, faux flowers, garden decor and potted plants.

van den Elzen says it was a bit of a challenge switching from being an employee to being an owner and having to make all the decisions herself. When she first bought the store, van den Elzen was new to the world of floral design, “A lot of designs went in the garbage when I started the business.” Now, she can put together flower arrangements in no time and they look like she has been making them her whole life. When van den Elzen is busy, her daughter helps to assemble arrangements. Flower Magic can produce floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions and has wedding decorations you can rent for your ceremony or reception. They also design many different faux flower arrangements. All of the faux flowers in the store look amazingly real; one would have to look very closely to see they’re not.

Flower Magic carries some very interesting potted plants, such as the Venus Fly Trap, bamboo stems potted in colourful decorative stones and cacti. There are also the more typical potted plants such as pansies, African violets, orchids and a large selection of greenery.

As well as flowers and plants, Flower Magic, also has a dazzling selection of home and garden décor items. One item that might catch your eye is a bird house, but this isn’t just any old bird house. You will notice a tail and set of paws on the bottom of the birdhouse and at the top a mischievous looking cat’s face, its front paws holding a wooden knife and fork ready to catch a feathered snack.

van den Elzen’s current favourite products look like a humanized ladybugs made of metal that can go in your garden. Dressed in colour clothing, these happy faced ladybugs have long skinny legs and coil necks. van den Elzen’s best selling products are her angels, with upward of a hundred different styles – men, women, children of all different sizes and colours. Some sit on ledges, some have words engraved on them – some even hold lanterns. van den Elzen says most of the angel figurines are meant for inside the home, but there are few that can go outside.

Balloons are also available at Flower Magic. van den Elzen has small foil balloons which are great for kids and latex balloons which she can fill with helium. She also makes balloon arrangements for all occasions.

van den Elzen likes to keep her customers coming back – she offers free delivery to Seaforth funeral homes, hospital and nursing home and a friendly smile to everyone who comes into Flower Magic, and because she has a green thumb, you can always ask for advice. So if you received an orchid for Mother’s Day but just aren’t sure how to care for it, stop in and ask van den Elzen for tips!

It’s important to van den Elzen to keep business local so the community thrives and business booms. Be sure to check out the unique plants, home and garden décor and fresh flowers. Flower Magic is located at 36 Main Street in Seaforth.