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It is NOT about price

It is obvious that it is our family,  friends and neighbors that  both reflect and  project influence  on  what we value in life . In short, it is these relationships, during our daily routine,  that inspire us to act or in some cases… not to.

Why is human interaction and  our values important to a discussion about the economy in Huron county?   Business or rather the business owners themselves do amazing things in a community, they can  sponsor sports teams, fundraise for charity, employ our kids and train our adults.   They too, reflect and project influence at a community level.   They may source material, products and services from afar but they take their profits and put them back into their community, simply by being in it. Furthermore, in todays globalized world, small business owners are  thinking globally and acting locally. More importantly,  they  act out locally  which benefits our community.  It is time that we, as consumers, start acting local as well.

In the last twenty-five years we have, here in rural Canada, been swept up in a wave of price orientated purchasing.  Why have we taken the human relationship out of the of decision to purchase a product or service? There are a myriad of reasons for this shift,  but does it matter? It is a disconnect from the person in front of us, a person with feelings, hope, dreams,  and a family that we  probably know.  Ultimately,  it does not make sense…( pun intended)  It is a disconnect from our  community.

What  can I do to improve my community?  you ask…..Pay FULL PRICE.

When we ask, our local business owners to offer a discount for  their  goods and  services we are hurting their  bottom line in two ways.

1) You have decreased their already small margins of profit.

A %10 discount often eliminates   the profit, for the business, from  your purchase.

2) You remove their market leverage.

Customer service and  product  knowledge are the products or services that locals can   provide with distinction and value.  It is  their market advantage.  Forcing  them to  move product in volume to cover costs on their fixed monthly operations is placing no value on their true skills. Putting them at a disadvantage.

Lets face it,  volume  sales really on works as a business model for globalized companies with the supply chains to match.

So what does this all mean?  Have a conversation, learn from a person who is passionate about their business, products and their community, the act is valuable in its own right.   It means that if we want the people,  who are  truly doing amazing things  in our community, to keep doing so. We need to be neighbourly and act local. In fact, Oscar Wilde,  towards the end of the 19th century,   stated ” nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”. Humorous but telling of those times. Lets not make it these times… It is not about price…it is about values. Pay the 10 percent.

Your Neighbour,



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