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Marketing is not Rocket Surgery it is just a Bonding Agent

I have been receiving quite a few questions via emails lately, most of them are concerning  what some call  the great question mark for small business…. Marketing.  Its seem to be both the root of, and the answer to, all problems related  small enterprise. A mysterious cloud that seems to darken the certainty of a  small business’s success if done incorrectly.    It is a specific  email though  that I received the other day that ended with  “It is just me here… where do I start” that inspired me to a light a certifiable Tiki torch.

Marketing is Not “Rocket Surgery” it is just a “Bonding Agent”

Here is the lovely thing about marketing… anybody can do it.  You certainly do not need a department and  doing it well does not take a great deal of time,  money or a degree.  In fact you can get started on it right away. How can I be so certain?

In reality, marketing is the result of business school’s attempt at sociology. More importantly, business school tries to quantify human relationships into  sale units. The word “consumer” replaces “person” ,  “audience” with “market”. Having been to business school I can say it is not about sales units, as we say, it is about creating an emotional bond between person and the greater audience,  and,  in a creepy way,  an emotional bond with a product.  There are no “human bonding”  classes in business school. By changing the language and distancing oneself from the human side of entrepreneurship it becomes less about the message your sending,  and more about the medium by which your saying it. Do net get tripped up or dazzled by Marketing language. You are a human, you should understand emotional bonds …be your own marketing messenger.  You do not have  pay the tuition.

Furthermore, if you inspect the course content in marketing training, a student never studies more than the last fifty  years  of marketing “history”. If the student is lucky, a course will cover the last 100. In the end though, rarely is it focused on the message, rather it is focused on the medium of that message. What worked,  what didn’t, this is valuable knowledge in its own right  but is not bonding or message training.  They should really call it Medium Training…

Clearly you already have a specific talent, that is why you started a business. So why  would you contract out to someone who does not have your talent, experience, or training.  Your message or  your bonding agent is best determined by you.  You wouldn’t be in business if you were without talent.  You, the entrepreneur, knows best.  Do not be so quick to have someone else define the message of your company.  You are the only one emotionally and financially attached to its success.  Getting your message out there is what you need help with. Lets not confuse the two

So take a solitary moment and get started on your “bonding agent”…. The message …Then go ask a medium expert.  Better yet,  one that has experience in multi-mediums.

your neighbour,



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