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Microage Basics

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MicroAge Basics in Goderich and Wingham has everything you could ever want in office supplies and will even do the heavy lifting.

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With two locations in Huron County, MicroAge Basics is the ultimate locally owned business selling office supplies. Basics was originally founded as Bluewater Office Equipment by Harold, John and Maureen Peet in 1984. In the 26 years since, a lot has changed. MicroAge Basics is still a family run business and has now grown with now six Peets working there.

Traditionally, they service and sell photocopiers, fax machines and computer equipment however, they also have a specialized service to help you to plan your office space, coordinate colours and help keep your office organized. Marketing Manager Erin Peet says they have even helped customers move their office furniture.

MicroAge Basics’ newest venture is a partnership with Swish Maintenance from London. Swish Maintenance is a leading distributor of certified green cleaning products. Peet says that many cleaning products call themselves “green” but they aren’t certified green, “Most of the items in the Swish Maintenance line go through a rigorous 14 point process to validate if it is certifiable as “green”. This includes everything from packaging, raw materials, energy sources and so on. They must meet 100% of the criteria on all 14 points to be certified as ‘green’.” That is what makes Swish Maintenance products unique.

Peet says they are constantly looking for other certified green products. The Canadian certification is called “Environmental Choice Program” and the American certification is “Green Seal”. “We try to stay away from ‘green washing’ by making sure they are certified green products.” The term “green washing” is when companies say their products are “green” but they have not been certified.

Peet says she finds that not only do locals shop at MicroAge Basics, but they also have many customers up to an hour or more away. “People keep buying from us because they know we’re locally owned and operated,” says Peet, “We have a great staff and service department and customer service, in my opinion and speaking on behalf of customers, is through the roof. You can’t get that from any of the other competitors that we have.” MicroAge Basics is also proud to support local causes, events and charities, “We have supported larger causes recently such as the YMCA, the Maitland Valley Medical Centre and the CT Scanner at the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital.”

There are always new products at MicroAge Basics. The first time you walk through the store or look through the catalogue you will find so many products that you maybe didn’t know they carried. From setting up your office, equipment to stationary and electronics, you will find it all at MicroAge Basics. Peet says, “We always try to improve ourselves in service and the products we sell.”

So, why does Peet shop local? “Because that’s the right thing to do. With the economy these days, we want to keep this in Goderich [and Wingham]. We pay the local taxes, the businesses pay the local taxes and that’s why it should stay local. The more you shop local, the more you get in return.”

The next time you need anything from office equipment to stationary, electronics and even certified green cleaning supplies, be sure to check out MicroAge Basics in Goderich and Wingham. Located at 223 Huron Road, Goderich and 214 Josephine Street, Wingham.