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Murals in Metal

Metal Art

With everything from wall art to garden art, you will find something for everyone and every occasion.

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If you have ever driven by Murals in Metal n’ More just west of Seaforth on Highway 8, you have probably noticed a giant metal palm tree, or the big wooden chair with an equally big metal bear standing beside it. If you haven’t already stopped in to check it all out, you need to!

Art has always been a passion for Jim Dawe, but he says he never did anything with his talent or drawings and had actually trained to be a sheet metal worker instead. Until one day, Jim and his wife Lynn decided to combine the two and started Murals in Metal in their backyard. The business originally started in 2005 as a hobby for Jim and Lynn, but quickly began to outgrow their own home in Seaforth. In the spring of 2010, they moved the business into their current location – a building with lots of showroom space to exhibit the pieces of art and workshop space for the growing workforce and new tools.

The new showroom was originally intended to help supply demand for their products to wholesalers, but then they decided to open it up to the public. “We’re seeing a lot more traffic flow in our new location” They have also been able to purchase a bigger computerized cutter which means bigger products!

A lot of what Murals in Metal does is custom work, “If it can be drawn, we can create it in metal,” says Jim. He can even create pieces from photographs – children walking, cars, dogs almost everything you can imagine. “We have about 200 different products that we’ve developed over the last five years. Everything from garden art to wall art.” Jim says they try to promote outdoor art because so many people like to spend time at the cottage or in their own back yard.

Jim says when they first started out, they used a lot of recycled metal and are just now getting back into it. “Farmers will usually drop off their scrap to us and we’ll lay it all out and build something with it,” says Jim, “Kind of whatever hits you that day I guess.” Jim seems to have a lot ideas floating around in his head, “If you have free time, you seem to think up a lot of ideas. It’s good to just sit down and clear your head.” The Dawe’s son and son-in-law are also working with Jim and helping to come up with creative ideas for new products.

Jim and Lynn have big plans for their current location. Not only expanding more, but new products and new tools. They recently began working with a company that makes wooden lawn chair. Murals in Metal couples the chairs with a piece of their own work to create a very fun and interesting lawn chair. Jim is also hoping his son and son-in-law will take over the business when he retires within the next decade.

Some of the most interesting products you’ll see at Murals in Metal are three dimensional bugs and a palm tree which you can see from the road. Some of the best sellers at Murals in Metal include wall art and butterflies for in the garden.

Jim and Lynn are strong believers in supporting their local community. “You’d hate to see your town disappear or fade away. I think we have a strong downtown,” says Jim about Seaforth.

Murals in Metal has wall art for every room of your house and even the garden and patio – you can design it, or maybe the guys at Murals in Metal already have something you’ll love. Just remember, if you see metal trees, animals, flowers or almost anything else, you’ve likely found Murals in Metal at 42422 Huron Road West, Seaforth.


  1. Ralph Jeanes says:

    Do you have a toll free phone number or someone who represents you in the Kitchener/Waterloo area? I would like to discuss a project with your company.

    Please reply – Ralph


  2. Janice Fedak says:

    Hello, I was at the London Lifestyle Show as one of the show presenters and saw your booth of wonderful items! I meant to stop by after my presentation however hurried out to get back on the highway before the snow got worse. I remembered once I was on the 401 to Toronto that I wanted to pick up a couple of items, yet didn’t. Do you have a website that I can order from or will you be at another show in the near future? Please let me know the best way to purchase from you.
    Many thanks!
    Janice Fedak

  3. Cory Rochon-Ratko says:

    Are you offering any metal art courses? I am a newly retired art teacher trying to get into metal art or at least learn about it as a hobby.

    Thx. -Mrs. Cory Rochon-Ratko

  4. Linda Gilbert says:

    Please contact me — I would like to talk with you about a project I have. Thanks. Linda

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