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A Note From Niesen


Soooooooooo…September has come and gone already. The kids are settled back into their school routines; and the sometimes harried planning that goes into taking a summer vacation is long past leaving only pleasant memories of the experiences themselves – in some cases dampened ever-so-slightly by the occasional bill reminders that show up in your mailbox (electronic or otherwise!).

I tend to view Fall as a renewal of sorts – or at least, the beginning of one. Yes, the leaves are beginning to turn and will soon be falling en masse. But this is a necessary part of the rebirth that our forests and bushes go through each Spring. And in the meantime, we’re treated to a sometimes spectacular array of breathtaking colours and scenery – just before everything turns…WHITE! (Eeek!)

Like nature, every business goes through a renewal from time to time – no less dramatic than the one endured by nature. Unlike nature’s seasons however, or at least their timing, your business’ renewal is far from predictable. This represents a great challenge to the average business-person since the early transition is often very subtle and if you’re not paying attention, you may already be well down the renewal path before you even notice. When that happens, you may find that some of the steps that you could have taken to aid the effort and minimize transition turmoil are no longer open to you. Additionally, unlike nature where there is always a Spring, there is no guarantee that your business will complete the renewal process successfully (Gulp!).

So, is it all futile?? Is there anything you can do?? Can the Maple Leafs win the Cup?? Shouldn’t spandex remain a privilege rather than a right??

No! Yes! Unlikely! Absolutely!

Other than the unexplainable eternal optimism of Leaf fans and the fact that I should never be allowed to wear spandex ANYTHING, the reality is that there is much the average business owner can do to virtually guarantee a successful renewal of their business – no matter when it occurs, nor how often. In fact, there is a secret tactic and it’s called, MANAGEMENT! That right! You must take an active role in managing your business, managing the changes that are occurring, and ultimately, managing the transition by acting as proactively as you possibly can. There is little point in blaming the situation; blaming others; wishing things were different; reacting without a plan or strategy; or worst of all, ignoring what’s happening right in front of you. All of these are weak approaches to running a business and if used too often, will all but guarantee that one of your renewals (it only takes one!) will be unsuccessful.

I’ll elaborate more on this subject next time but for now, check out September’s ‘Small Business Success’ newsletter which I have conveniently attached to this email! Hint: This is one small step towards managing and running a more successful business! Also, check out the included promotional flyer for a new ‘Business-Wise Lunch & Learn’ seminar series that we’re offering in October. Business-Wise consists of 4 seminars, each 2 hours in length beginning at noon, and held in the boardroom of the Huron Business Centre. Dates are indicated on the flyer. The good news is that these seminars are being offered by the Huron Business Development Corporation GRATIS to help commemorate Small Business Month in Ontario. The BETTER news?? Attend all FOUR seminars and we’ll pay you an honourarium equivalent to $100!! Not quite in cold hard cash – but very close to it! Act quickly! Space is limited and some of the sessions are full already!

Have a great Fall and hope to see you in October!

Your Neighbour,

Jim Niesen


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