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P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers

The Protection Specialists

With locations in Clinton and Wingham, P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers can help you find the perfect coverage for everything you want to protect.

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P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers has been insuring individuals, families, farmers and business owners since it was founded by Peter Roy in 1957 and son Jeff Roy purchased the business in 1997. There have been some big changes over those 53 years, including becoming computerized, going paperless and incorporating the Internet and social media into the protection business.

“We protect peoples’ stuff,” says Roy. Personal, business and farm protection are all available at their locations in Clinton and Wingham, “We carry 18 different insurance companies, including five of the top ten in Canada. We’re able to shop the market for our clients,” says Roy, “Instead of them calling 18 or 19 insurance companies looking for a quote we can do the work for them.”

The people who work at P.A.Roy Insurance are the foundation of their business. Through continuous education and life long learning combined with experience and team, work they deliver outstanding service to their clients time after time. The friendly staff at P.A.Roy Insurance will explain the insurance coverages in easy to understand language. The staff are valued and committed members of the local community. They have recently donated $25,000.00 to the new Central Huron Community Complex being built in Clinton.

On P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers’ website, you’ll find information about insurance and topics such as teen drivers and safety. If you’re a client, P.A. Roy can assign you a username and password to log in to their secure customer-only website so you can access all of your information and important paper work. Even when the offices are closed, their website is still up and running.

If you have an after hours claims emergency you can call the 24-7 after hours number at 519-525-0891. If you have questions or problems with your claim, P.A.Roy Insurance can provide claims advice when needed.

P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers is on Facebook and Twitter which allows them to host contests for fans and followers and post more information on insurance related topics. Social Media Coordinator Caitlin Armstrong says P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers is different because they’re constantly updating their website and using social media to try to make insurance interesting and less complicated, while reaching many different people.

Communicating with their clients is an important part of the business. “We stay in touch with our clients through newsletters and protection reviews,” says Roy, “over time peoples’ needs change – you have kids, get married, move, retire or buy new things. By regularly communicating with clients it helps us to be sure they have the right coverage for every part of their life.”

The atmosphere of the P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers office is bright and inviting. You’ll notice a specialty coffee maker, a water cooler and comfortable chairs in the waiting area. The employees have the option to sit in a chair while they work or on an exercise ball – most choose to sit on the big balls which helps to improve their posture. “We try to make insurance fun,” says Roy, “to most people insurance is as about as fun as a root canal – we realize sometimes people have to go through negative experiences, so if they do have to file a claim, we try to make it as easy as possible and help along the way.”

If you’re renting a home or apartment, Roy recommends tenant’s insurance packages which will cover your contents and liability. He also says that once you start to rent, it’s a good idea to begin building up your insurance history so that in a few years if you buy a house, your insurance will cost less than if you were being insured for the first time.

Roy and his staff shop local to support other businesses, “I’d rather have the money stay in the local community as opposed to going to a big corporation that isn’t located in the area,” says Roy, “we try to buy everything locally. If everyone does well, the community does well.”

For advice and insurance to cover everything you own, including yourself be sure to call or visitP.A. Roy Insurance Brokers at 8 Huron Street, Clinton and 317 Josephine Street, Wingham.

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