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Pete’s Paper Clip

More Than Paper Clips

Pete’s Paper Clip in Seaforth offers the very best price on computer and office supplies, and you’ll still receive friendly, knowledgable service.

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If you’re looking for office supplies at big city prices, there’s no need to travel far. Pete’s Paper Clip at 51 Main Street in Seaforth was started in 1992 by Pete Martene (pronounced “Martini” like the drink made famous by James Bond). Pete’s Paper Clip is also an Office Pro store, which means he has the buying power and pricing of the big office supply stores, but with small town friendly service. Before Martene started the business, he worked at the Seaforth Arena and had heard from local residents that there was a need for an office supply store.

Not only does Pete’s Paper Clip carry office supplies, furniture, computer supplies and stationary, but also has greeting cards, children’s books, novels and lots more. Martene has other services you would find at the big office supply stores, including a black and white and colour copy centre, faxing, laminating and a Sony Photo Lab. Pete’s Paper Clip is also a Sears Catalogue agency.

Pete’s Paper Clip makes it easy to develop the pictures from your digital camera with the Sony Photo Lab. You can bring pictures in on your memory card, CD or memory stick. You can even crop and zoom in so you will have perfect prints in just a few minutes. The best part is the more pictures you print, the less expensive they are.

If you shop at Pete’s Paper Clip but can’t find something in particular, chances are Martene can order it in for you. Martene is part of a buying group of 100 members, which means he has access to over 13,000 products at his buying group’s warehouse. “We can compete with the big boys because of the buying power. If anyone needs a special price, we can sure match it,” says Martene.

One of the most popular products at Pete’s Paper Clip are ink cartridges for printers – and they’re also Martene’s favourite product, “Everyone needs ink for their printers.” Martene carries all brands for most printers and if he doesn’t have it in store, he can order it in for you.

“I’m happy with the way things are right now,” says Martene about the size of his business. He says he wants to keep his customers returning and happy. Martene has no plans of expanding but will always be looking for new and exciting products because he knows his small business can offer more personalized service than the big stores.

Martene says he supports local merchants because they all depend on each other, “I need them to shop at my store, so why wouldn’t I shop local? We need to keep everyone going.” Shopping local is important to Martene because he has a very local and loyal customer base. He says the key to having such loyal customers is being friendly and keeping the price the same, or lower, as bigger competitors. “If you have found the same product at a competitor for a lower price, come in and tell me and we will definitely price match,” says Martene.

So the next time you need office furniture, computer supplies or materials for your child’s school project, be sure to shop at Pete’s Paper Clip for big city pricing with small town friendly service. Pete’s Paper Clip is located at 51 Main Street in Seaforth.

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