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Platinum Oak

Random Treasures

With stock that changes almost every week, you’ll find everything from yarn, jewellery, gently used furniture and even antiques.

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Walking down Main Street Seaforth, you’ll come across a store filled with antiques, gently used new furniture, vintage jewellery and way at the back, you will see an entire room filled with knitting yarn. This store of treasures is Platinum Oak at 57 Main Street, which recently moved from its former location at 90 Main Street.

Owner Pete Klaver opened Platinum Oak five years ago because he had an empty storefront in his building and decided to create his own business in the empty space.

The majority of the items at Platinum Oak are either made in Canada or England. Klaver says he knows of some items that were made as close as Hanover and Stratford. Every piece has a story to tell and Klaver has some interesting pieces: a big, turquoise coloured, leather chair from the 60s (Klaver was told that the original purchase price of the piece was $10,000), and an art deco bedroom suite with inlayed wood, matching veneer, cedar lined with a waterfall front. Considering the suite is 80 to 90 years old, it’s in nearly perfect condition.

Klaver says he only sells quality antiques and used items. He’s observed that people shopping for antiques are usually looking for useful items – things they can use everyday, instead of something that is just for show. “In the antique market right now,” says Klaver, “it’s functional furniture that sells.” Even though some of the pieces are between 50 and 100 years old; they are of good quality and will last for many more years.

Many of Platinum Oak’s customers are tourists; people from the city who are on their way to their cottage along Ontario’s West Coast. “Someone from three hours away was in last week. They said they come to Seaforth just for the antique shopping.” No matter where the customer is from, it’s important to Klaver and his employees to treat them fairly.

If you happen to walk into Platinum Oak on a Wednesday afternoon and see a group of women sitting around knitting, don’t worry – you’re in the right store. Platinum Oak is the only store in Seaforth that sells knitting yarn and supplies and the knitting group gets together every Wednesday afternoon. “It’s got that small town feel!” laughs Klaver “You’d be hard pressed to find that in the big city.” He says knitting yarn is a great item to carry because Seaforth has lots of knitters. “A lot of people tell us our yarn is less expensive than at the big box stores.”

Klaver is well known in Seaforth and plays a big part in the town’s BIA. He says he likes to shop locally because he likes to support his neighbours and local businesses. He knows that if you don’t continue to shop locally, some day there may not be local businesses to shop in, “So that down the road, I don’t have to drive down the road. If a local business does well they’ll expand on their stock line which means there will be more selection in town and you won’t have to leave town to do your shopping.”

Whether you’re looking for vintage jewellery, functional antiques or knitting yarn and supplies check out Platinum Oak. Visit Platinum Oak and its helpful staff often – the stock is always changing and always interesting! Platinum Oak, 57 Main Street in Seaforth.

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