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Sally’s Closet

More Than Just Clothes in Sally’s Closet

Sally’s Closet in Seaforth has everything from clothing to items for the home.

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Walking into Sally’s Closet, you’ll notice owner Betty Small has a bit of everything. Clothes for the entire family, furniture, appliances, books, videos, collectables, children’s toys and even jewellery. “It’s your one stop consignment shop in Seaforth,” says Small.

Before Small bought the business in December of 2009, she was an avid shopper at the consignment store. She said when it came up for sale, she jumped at the chance to own it. The store has been open for almost twelve years and Small says it just keeps growing and improving. But there are some things that haven’t changed since the previous owner – Small keeps the pricing the same, so there are no surprises if you haven’t been in Sally’s Closet in a while.

Small says that everything is good quality. Before she puts any clothing on the racks, she personally goes through it to make sure there are no holes, missing buttons or any imperfections. “If we find a problem with a piece of clothing after it’s been on the rack, we immediately pull it off the rack and the computer then donate it. It’s recycling all the way down the line.”

Selling items on consignment is becoming more popular. Small has 40 to 50 new consigners since she bought the business, which means more stock and more selection. If you have furniture you want to get rid of but still want to make some money on it, Small says to, “Call me, I’ll figure out what I can get for it and will generally offer you half of what I can sell it for. We still both make 50% of what the item is worth.” Small will buy the item off the consigner before putting it up for sale in the store, this way she can drop the price if it doesn’t sell.

Small says the process is different when it comes to clothing. You can drop off clothing at the store and she will check it over for imperfections and decides what she can sell. Then she enters each item she wants to keep into the computer, calls the cosigner back to pick up anything she didn’t want as well as the list of items she chose to keep. “Over the next two months it stays in the store at that price, the third month it drops to half price. We still split 50/50. At the end of the third month, it is donated to charity,” explains Small.

There is also a colour coded price tag system, this way Small knows what is new, what will be half price at the end of the month and what will be donated at the end of the month. Small says the system has been in place since Sally’s Closet first opened.

Small says a lot of consigners are not actually from the area. “I get a lot of people from Stratford, because they don’t want other people in Stratford wearing their clothes. I know there are people from here that take their stuff to Stratford for the same reason.” She says that some people won’t shop at her store for the possibility of running into some of their own old clothes or housewares.

Like shopping local, consignment shopping is considering to be green, “Every time you are buying something that is used, you’re saving it from going to a landfill and that’s a good thing,” says Small. She also lives in town and does her part by not driving to work.
Sally’s Closet is turning into a family business for the Smalls. Daughters Danielle and Jessica help out at the store whenever Small needs a hand and her husband Warren does all the heavy lifting after hours.

Shopping at Sally’s Closet seems to have an affect on shoppers. Small says conversations will start up between customers who find similarities between each other. She says, “We’ll be hollering across the store ‘Hey! This is really cute!’ to a complete stranger, but they’re not complete strangers after that!”

It’s very important to Small to support the local economy, “I pay my taxes here, I spend my money here, I need to buy my gas here, I need to shop here. I can’t explain why. It’s something we all have to do to support our towns. We don’t want empty stores downtown because then we won’t bring anybody in to town.”

Next time your looking for clothing, furniture, toys and everyday items for your household, be sure to check out Sally’s Closet – “Your one stop consignment shop in Seaforth.” Located at 60 Main Street, Seaforth.