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Scarlet’s Aloette Skin Care & Cosmetics

Healthy Makeup and Skin Care

Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics is known worldwide and Scarlet Swan in Seaforth can help you find the Aloette products to make you look and feel your best.

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“You must be feeling better – your skin looks so much healthier,” is what people would say to Scarlet Swan – it wasn’t that she had been healed of her disability; it was her new Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics. After her illness, Swan had no other choice than to leave work and go onto disability. For years, she hoped her health would be restored allowing her to go back to work as a veterinary technician. Instead, Swan discovered Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics and has since become an Executive Skin Care Consultant with the company.

Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics has been in Canada for 30 years. Twelve years ago, the company went through an entire overhaul and now offers medical grade skin care products containing aloe which are comparable to products you would find at a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office. “Aloe is either the first, second or third ingredient in our main skin care line,” states Swan. Aloe works to penetrate down 21 skin cell layers.

As a Beauty Consultant, Swan is most passionate about Aloette’s skin care line. Swan first tried and fell in love with the skin care products at her friend’s Aloette party. “I noticed a difference in the feel of my skin and the tone after just two days of using Aloette.” Swan then had her own Aloette party.

After some research, Swan realized she could become a consultant; “It’s not something I ever thought I would do, or could do, but it is just so much fun!” Swan says that working as an Aloette Beauty Consultant, approximately 4 to 6 hours a week, is an ideal income earner for anyone: such as people like her who live with a disability, retirees, or those who just want to earn some extra income. Because she wasn’t working, Swan didn’t have money to start her own business, but with Aloette $30 covered the cost of training and materials. Swan says that right from the start, Aloette spoils their consultants and continues to do so for as long as they remain Aloette consultants.

If you are interested in hosting your own Aloette Skin Care and Cosmetics party, just give Swan a call. Your Aloette consultant will explain skin care to your guests and test some of the products with everyone. Swan says there are a lot of bonuses for hosting an Aloette party; you’ll receive a personalized makeover from your Beauty Consultant and if your guests purchase a minimum of $200, as a host you will receive $100 in product for $19.95. There’s more – as the sales from your party go up, so does the amount of product you will receive for $19.95. And last but not least, Aloette conveniently ships purchases directly to your guests.

Originally from Hamilton, Swan moved to Seaforth over two decades ago and fell in love with the small town life. She shops locally and plans to continue to support her community because she doesn’t want to lose the great services and businesses in Seaforth.

For some of the best medical grade skin care products and cosmetics or to become an Aloette consultant, give Scarlet Swan a call at 519-527-0869.

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