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Seaforth Jewellers

Where Old Meets New

You’ll find small town service at Seaforth Jewellers, but their jewellery and giftware looks like you bought it in the city!

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47 Main Street in Seaforth is home to a 100+ year old building and business – Seaforth Jewellers. Nancy and Doug Anstett have owned the business for the last five years; Doug’s father bought the business in 1989. Nancy says it has been a jewellery store since the turn of the 20th century when the Savauges first owned it. The original safe and jewellery display cases are still in the store.

Nancy and Doug carry more than jewellery, they also have an assortment of giftware, wall art, picture frames, engravables and trophies too! You will find something for everyone at the family owned jewellery store.  Even though the business has been around more years than most  people live, it doesn’t mean the jewellery is unfashionable. Seaforth Jewellers keeps something for every age group and price range – sophisticated freshwater pearls, Canadian Diamonds and even fun sterling silver with Swarovski Crystal. They also carry wrist and pocket watches.

Nancy and Doug rely heavily on local residents to utilize their business, “We’re very fortunate that there aren’t a whole lot of jewellery stores in the area. I’d say my client base is Mitchell to Goderich to Exeter area.” Nancy also says that working at the store for over 20 years has allowed her to see her customers’ children grow up, “My father-in-law has probably seen about three generations – he’s been on the street here for almost 40 years.”

“We pride ourselves in customer service,” says Nancy. She goes on to explain that, thanks to a customer nomination, they won a “Business of the Month” award with 104.9 FM The Beach in Goderich. Customers have come to expect the small town, friendly service from Seaforth Jewellers. She says if a watch was bought there and it’s too big, they will take out links and replace the first battery all free of charge. Often, ladies will drop their watch off at Seaforth Jewellers before they go to get their hair styled. By the time the appointment is done, the watch usually is too. Engraving is also free if you purchase the item in the store. Nancy tries to cater to seniors – she will even take watches to a nursing home when a resident is in need of a new one. Customers will some times call Seaforth Jewellers to buy a gift and it can be wrapped and delivered for free without the customer even coming into the store.

Canadian made jewellery is becoming more popular. Seaforth Jewellers carries Canadian made diamonds and the majority of the gold jewellery is made in Canada as well. Nancy says she tries to get in as much Canadian giftware as possible, but says it’s a difficult thing to find.

Seaforth Jewellers carry a lot of interesting jewellery and giftware, but Nancy says the piece she thinks is most interesting, doesn’t really have a name. It’s similar to a changing screen that you would see people changing their clothes behind in the old western movies. It’s made of wood and black in colour. The major difference is that the three screens are all joined together at one centre piece which are also shelves. The screens are also covered in picture frames.

“Frames. I sell a tonne of picture frames,” says Nancy about her biggest seller which she also keeps a plentiful stock. Everything from simple black or silver frames, to clear acrylic or black glass with a rhinestone border. She also sells a lot of sterling silver jewellery and engagement rings both of which come in many different styles.

As a local business owners, Nancy and Doug know how important it is to support other local businesses. “To shop local is just returning the favour when people shop here,” she goes on to explain that you get what you pay for, “As customers, we get better service, you may pay a little more but the quality is usually there.”

When local businesses like Seaforth Jewellers, at 47 Main Street in Seaforth, can offer great service and a better product for bit more than in the city, why would you go any where else!? Be sure to check out Seaforth Jewellers for great giftware, beautiful jewellery and amazing customer service.

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