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Seaforth Plumbing & Heating

All in the Family

Seaforth Plumbing and Heating has been a family business for 25 years. They’re in business to serve you!

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Since 1985, Seaforth Plumbing & Heating has been providing customers across Huron and Perth Counties with dependable service and quality products. Located at 15 Goderich Street East, the business was started by Bill & Marlene Holman. It’s still a family business and is currently owned by son Chris Holman, daughter Stephanie Peck and her husband Ian.

The showroom in Seaforth displays many of the products they carry. The most popular part of the business is the installation and servicing of furnaces and air conditioners, but they also carry faucets, toilets, vanities, other bathroom accessories and gas fireplaces. Seaforth Plumbing and Heating has a lot of new and exciting plumbing fixtures available, enabling homeowners to create a custom look without the custom price. Stephanie says two Canadian plumbing fixture manufactures have recently expanded their line to more affordable upscale products. Seaforth Plumbing and Heating works on new and older homes, small commercial businesses and plumbing renovations. Stephanie says a lot of people benefitted from the Home Renovation Tax Credit which was available until January 31st 2010.

For the owners and employees of Seaforth Plumbing and Heating, customer service is crucial for their jobs and business to continue, “Our business is customer service,” states Stephanie. She says they depend on repeat business and word of mouth for new customers, “If they’re happy with us, they’ll tell others about us. We like to make the homeowners happy.” She goes on to say they try to make a connection with the homeowners so that if they need someone to fix their furnace down the road, they know they can trust Seaforth Plumbing and Heating.

When a new employee starts at Seaforth Plumbing and Heating they’re told, “Your face is our face.” Most customers don’t come into the store – they usually see the service technician that is making the call. So it’s important for all employees to represent the business well.

Stephanie says one the most interesting products they have are new fireplaces. Most of us are used to ceramic wood logs burning in the fire, but now you can have glass pebbles in the bottom. Gas fireplaces are great for some extra warmth, to set the mood and as a heat source if the hydro goes out.

A lot of the products Seaforth Plumbing and Heating carries are Canadian or North American made. One of the fireplace manufacturers is out of Barrie and another one is out of Winnipeg. They also carry Life Breath air exchangers, also manufactured in Canada. Stephanie says finding Canadian made product is something they are constantly looking for. She says it’s ironic that as of yet, there are no Canadian made furnaces considering how cold it can be during Winter in our beloved snowy country.

Seaforth Plumbing and Heating is also making an effort to bring in more energy efficient products. “We’re making our consumers more aware of the energy efficient options,” Stephanie says, “And that came in combination with the ecoEnergy government grants available for homeowners to upgrade their equipment. There are still ecoEnergy rebates available through the provincial government until March 31, 2011. If you upgrade your furnace or water heating system you could receive a considerable rebate!” She says many people are taking advantage of the rebates. “A few years ago, only a handful of people would pay extra to have an energy efficient furnace,” says Stephanie, “But that’s mostly all we sell now because of the ecoEnergy and Cool Savings rebates available.”

Seaforth Plumbing and Heating knows how influential it is to shop local. “There are so many advantages for consumers to shop locally,” says Stephanie, “It feeds the local economy and keeps people working within their own community.” Many jobs with locally owned businesses provide better wages and benefits than businesses located in larger centres.

If you’re looking to get the upper hand on the electric company, stop in to Seaforth Plumbing and Heating to check out all of the energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners and water heating systems. If your bathroom or kitchen is in dire need of a makeover or you want to create an ambiance with a new gas fireplace, be sure to ask them what they can do for you. Seaforth Plumbing and Heating, 15 Goderich Street, Seaforth.