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Seaforth Sewing Centre

She’s Sew Handy

Liz Moir at the Seaforth Sewing Centre can work magic on clothing and almost anything with stitches.

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Have you ever had pants that were too long and after wearing them a few times, the bottoms are ripped and torn? Have you lost buttons and just don’t know how to sew them back on? Or have you bought a dress and realized after that it just doesn’t fit quite right? If you’ve ever watched TLC’s What Not to Wear, you will see a lot of individuals who are frustrated because the clothes just don’t fit properly. The show’s hosts promote how properly fitted clothing is essential to every person wanting to look their best.

That’s where people like Liz Moir come in handy. She has owned the Seaforth Sewing Centre for the past 22 years, but says it has been around a lot longer than that. She says when she took over the first of April in 1988, the store offered alterations, repairs and fabric. Ten years ago, Moir decided to phase out the fabric and stick with alterations, repairs and sewing supplies. You can also drop off your dry cleaning at the Seaforth Sewing Centre. It will then be taken to Keep-U-Neet Cleaners in Stratford and brought back to Seaforth when it’s done.

When it comes to alterations and repairs, Moir doesn’t just work with clothing. She has also repaired seats and covers for boats and snowmobiles. In addition, she does some custom sewing such as clothing, drapes and pillows.

It’s important to Moir to treat her customers right. She makes sure she has the alterations done on time and done properly. She also manages to leave herself some emergency time throughout the weeks. When customers need an alteration on a dress today for a wedding tomorrow, Moir can do it! She is happy to assist when fellow sewers need help or have questions and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, Moir will either order it in or direct you where to find it.

Sewing and alterations businesses are sometimes few and far between which means the Seaforth Sewing Centre will often have customers from as far away as Stratford or Goderich, but says she serves mostly local residents. Moir thinks if there were more alterations businesses around, people would be more aware of the benefits of alterations.

During the interview, a young lady came in and asked Moir if she knows of anyone that can sew leather, Moir replied with a curious, “Yes.” The lady then began to show Moir the zipper on her favourite black leather coat that kept splitting when she tried to do it up. Moir told the lady that she just needed a new slider on her zipper. In less than five minutes, Moir had a new slider on the leather coat and the lady was out the door with her zipper done up. After the lady left, the interview continued. “Almost 90% of the time,” says Moir, “All I have to do is replace the slider and it’s as good as new.”
Another interesting service the Seaforth Sewing Centre provides is a new method of hemming jeans called the Euro Hem. “I take the faded and worn original hem,” says Moir, “And reattach it at the new length.” She says she has perfected the technique so the the new hem doesn’t curl or flip up.
One of the Seaforth Sewing Centre’s popular sellers is pillow forms. They’re great for when you need decorative pillows on your couch or bed. You simply buy the form, which is pretty much a pillow, then make the cover or have someone make it for you. “They usually come in 14, 16, 18 and 20 inches,” says Moir.

Moir has made important business connections with other local businesses including Anna’s Dress Shop across the street. When someone decides they want to purchase an article of clothing that isn’t fitting perfectly, Moir runs over and pins the clothing then does the alterations so the clothing fits perfectly. Local businesses not only rely on each other but also local consumers, which is why shopping local is important to Moir. “I think I can find almost anything locally and I like the people,” she says, “I like knowing who I’m going in to see.”

Remember, because we’re not all built like mannequins, alterations are necessary to make clothing fit just right. Be sure to check out the Seaforth Sewing Centre for sewing supplies, alterations, repairs, dry cleaning and great advice. Seaforth Sewing Centre is located at 9 Main Street, Seaforth.