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Timber’s Outfitters

A Dream Come True

After more than 20 years of dreaming, Dwain Forrest has finally done it.

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Have you ever wanted to go on a camping trip but didn’t know where to start looking for equipment? Well, look no further. Seaforth is home to Timber’s Outfitters owned by Dwain Forrest.

Forrest opened Timber’s Outfitters March 5, 2009, but he has been dreaming about starting the business for over 20 years. “We are a reasonably priced retail store for all camping, canoeing and kayaking needs,” says Forrest, “Anything that we have here is stuff I’ve used in the past and know it works and we’re trying to keep things priced so everyone can do it.”

Something that makes Timber’s different from other stores is they sell handmade paddles – made by Forrest himself; he also makes canoes. Forrest has made an effort to sell Canadian made products, from canoes and kayaks to life jackets and other camping equipment, “Half the store is made right here in Ontario and it’s good quality.”

Timber’s also carries some products that would be a necessity for the avid outdoors person, but may seem a little odd to those who would rather not venture outside the comforts of their own home. These products include a toilet paper dry pack; it rolls up to keep your TP dry for traveling but when you need to use it, it actually turns into a dispenser!

One of Forrest’s new and exciting products is a mosquito patch which was showcased on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. He says you can put it on any hairless part of your body and it’s simply a Vitamin B1 patch. The patch has no deet or harmful chemicals. The Vitamin B1 is secreted through your pores and keeps the pesky insects away for 36 hours. During the particular episode of Dragon’s Den, it was also revealed that the patch pulls double duty as a hangover cure.

A great summer product for almost any family would be a marshmallow tree. Forrest says you can put half a bag of marshmallows on it for roasting over the fire, instead of doing one or two at a time.

When asked about plans for the future, Forrest says he wants to be able to serve a wide customer base, but stay small enough that when someone has a problem or question he is able to help them himself.

Shopping local and supporting the local economy is important to Forrest, “If you don’t shop local, there won’t be a local to shop in.”

Be sure to check out Timber’s Outfitters for all your camping, kayaking and canoeing needs at 63 Main Street, Seaforth.