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Total Image II

The Total Package

When you go to Total Image II to have your hair done for that weekend wedding, you’ll also be able to buy the couple a gift at Total Image Essentials.

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Karen and Gerry Ryan have been the owners of Total Image II in downtown Seaforth for the past fifteen years. During that time, the hair salon has expanded to include tanning and a day spa. The newest addition to the business is Total Image Essentials, which offers bath and body products, home décor, Mennonite furniture, wedding gifts, baby gifts and much more.

Karen and her employees created the idea and plans for Essentials, while Gerry completed the renovations to transform the building into a modern retail gift store. Essentials shares the same building as the salon and spa, giving clients the opportunity for affordable one-stop shopping. “We’re really small town business people,” Gerry says, “We have gift baskets for all occasions, we’ll wrap the gifts and if you want to take something to see how it looks in your house, we will let you.”

On the Total Image II side of the business, there are four hair stylists to create your perfect look. Services include permanent hair straightening, ear piercing, perms, cutting, colouring and hair extensions. The salon is family friendly and now offers a portable DVD player so your child can watch a video while having their hair cut.

Through a set of white French doors at the back of the salon, two estheticians await you in the relaxing Image Spa. Two massaging leather pedicure chairs situated in front of a warm fireplace will melt your worries away. The day spa offers a full line of esthetic treatments including manicures, pedicures, waxing for men and women, facials for all skin types, relaxation and hot stone massage, algae mud wraps and laser hair removal. Spa packages are also available for any combination of services.

It’s very important for Gerry and Karen to make sure the customer is number one. “We try to make it the very best experience
whether they are here for a 20 minute appointment or a full day of pampering at the spa,” says Gerry, “It is still a growing business for us and we work on that every day to make the customer number one.”

Although the majority of their clients are local residents, some do make close to an hour’s drive to visit Total Image. They strive to provide excellent service and work extremely hard to encourage loyalty with clients. Karen appreciates the clients that have been with her all fifteen years she has owned the business and some even longer. The joke in the salon right now is that some of Karen’s clients have told her, “You’re not allowed to retire until I’ve passed on!”

Gerry and Karen enjoy and encourage local shopping because, “If you purchase something locally, you know that business will be around tomorrow,” Gerry explains, “If there is something wrong or you need something else, it’s not just a sale today, they are there day after day to help you.”
After visiting Total Image II and Essentials, it’s hard to leave empty handed. If you do, it’s only because you just had a manicure and are waiting for your nails to dry!

For a full list of services, check out or stop into 59 & 61 Main Street, Seaforth.