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Tell My Story (sign up)

Tell My Story (sign up)

You are Interesting.

Huron County Planning & Development can facilitate that message getting to your neighbours.

As a business in Huron county you are already in the directory, which in itself is a great web presence. The Planning and Development department can take your story to the next level.

When you subscribe  to our  good neighbor program you can increase your story’s  presence.

Its simple:

1)The County’s  Multi-media team documents your business story with a 10 minute slice of your life to  really emphasize the “you” in your business.  We  then put your story  under  the Shop in Huron Business directory.  (as seen  on the welcome page) The business directory  is the easiest and most effective way  to find retail and service contact information in Huron County. The word is out.   So why not leverage some of that success  for your purposes?  Your documentary,   will be viewed  online 24 hours a day seven days a week by the users of the Business Directory.

2)We produce a 30 second radio ready story about your business that you can use at your leisure.

3)A Great Neighbor  E-poster to share.

4)A 50 word description in the business directory in addition to the  standard 15 word listing.

*If you are a  HTA and HMA member you even  get the price of those memberships discounted from your Marketing Package

You can subscribe to our Business Directory Spotlight

This,  simply put,  is a  50 word description in the business directory in addition to the  standard 15 word listing. The spotlight is great way  to showcase  your   skills and Brand  to Huron County and the world beyond.

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