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Bound by Folly? Tis’ the season to be Jolly!

I really can’t help it! I’ve tried to ignore it, but I catch myself smiling! I have to admit it…I’m in a good mood these days!

I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the Christmas season. Maybe it’s the first signs of snow. Although admittedly, I’ve been feeling this way for weeks now! Certainly, the challenges here at the Huron Business Development Corporation are probably greater right now than at any time in our nearly 20 year history. Nonetheless, I still find reasons to stay positive and upbeat. I cannot deny that I have days when Murphy’s Law reaches infinitely new heights. However, in every situation, it seems there is reason to be hopeful and happy.

I like to think that maybe, I’m practicing what I preach. That is, while accepting that the day-to-day rigours that accompany life are always going to be there and easy to spot, I try to look for the hidden joys that subsist more or less below the radar. Yes. Snow must be shovelled, but you can also see imprints of snow angels in it! You can catch a snowflake on your tongue! You can take your kids or nieces and nephews outside to build a snowman – just for fun! You can take you dog out for a walk and let her off the leash to bound around in the white stuff like they’re a puppy again!  Chase them around and enjoy some exercise and the crisp, fresh air!

And that’s just snow! I’m using it as an illustration because there seems to be a lot of it today. But what’s the point here? Well, I’ve been noticing how everyone (and I don’t exclude myself here) seems to be talking about how bad things are. How it’s going to get worse. How everybody is struggling. Obviously, there is always going to be some truth to these things. There are going to be hardships. But, this message goes directly to my business clients, if you want people (eg. your customers) to stop talking about how bad things are, and then using this as an excuse to haggle with you on price, or a reason why they bought from the competition instead of you, or aren’t prepared to buy at all, STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW BAD THINGS ARE!! Give them a reason to be happy! Give them a reason to be optimistic! You don’t have to solve all their problems – just ONE! Let them ENJOY doing business with you rather than giving them cause to think, ‘Why does it matter if I buy something here? Life sucks anyway!’

Be their oasis from hardship! Be that one small thing that puts a smile on their face today! Quite simply, let their life be a little better for having spent some time with you. And maybe, just maybe, sooner than you expect, things at your business might not be quite as bad as they were!

Enjoy November’s Small Business Success Newsletter (I know! It’s already December but as Bob Cratchit said, ‘I’m a little behind my time’) and instead of being all stressed out by Christmas and the Christmas season, try to think about all the good things it brings: the act of giving, family and friends, a sense of community, renewal, and…..the oh so many TREATS!

Joyeux Noel and Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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