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Elizabeth Lotz, Personal Life Coach

Sometimes in life we face challenging transitions, such as separation, divorce or losing your primary role as mother which usually results in discovering you have lost yourself. If you’re feeling alone, confused, stressed, sad or directionless in any of these situations, Elizabeth Lotz, Personal Life Coach, can give you the help you need.

A personal life coach is a valuable resource in a healthy personal support and growth system. A coach does not give advice like a psychiatrist, nor are they medical professionals. They act more as a guide to support you in discovering your true path.

Elizabeth’s method of coaching involves inquiry and self- reflection, “I reflect back to you what I hear and what I pick up from your emotions and your situation.” Elizabeth asks clients questions to help them come to their own realizations. “It’s becoming more aware of who we really are and what we’re needing, articulating, attracting, acting out, and contributing.” says Elizabeth. “I am interested in helping you re-connect with the essence of who you are. Only you know what is true for you and only you can connect with your inner guidance, your creativity and your life force.”

Often during times of change, when we perceive we have no options or choices – partnering with a life coach like Elizabeth will help you find hope, gain clarity and open you to seeing more and more possibilities, more opportunities for a brighter future.

Some of the questions Elizabeth hears from her clients are “What now?” “What do I do next?”, “There’s got to be something more”, “How do I get there from here?” “My relationship is in trouble. We don’t talk much now that the children have left home. We just don’t seem to have anything in common.” She says many of her clients feel lonely, frustrated, and stuck in their circumstances or relationships and advises people to reach out and call a life coach.

“When we work together,  I will help you identify what’s not working and why it’s not working. I will help you understand how you even got to this place so you will begin to better understand what you really do want. We can prioritize what to focus on in your life first that well provide you with the greatest fulfillment, and then, create a Life Direction plan for how you can get what you want.”

There are many styles of life coaching and clients will respond differently to these approaches. If you’re ready to examine your life honestly, change what’s not working, re-connect with your inner guidance/spirit to create a better world for yourself and those around you, chances are you and Elizabeth would make a good partnership.

If you’re open to the idea of partnering with a life coach, but have questions about it, “just call and we’ll talk,” says Elizabeth. “I’m available in person, by phone and by Skype for a free initial consultation.”

Elizabeth likes to get to know the people in her area by shopping in Huron County because healthy businesses keep the area vibrant. “Shopping local is a good way to get to know each other and become more aware of what’s available in our area. It’s good for the environment, businesses, tourism and the local communities,” says Elizabeth, “It’s good for everyone!”

Get your life back on track by contacting Elizabeth Lotz in Dashwood and talk with her about what she can do for you.

Elizabeth is also be holding seminars and workshops – all information is available on her website,



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