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Talking to the Tax Man About Poetry


I work in an office at 57 Napier Avenue
And say to myself…
You have a responsible job havenue?
Why then do you fritter away your time on this Doggerel?
(Or better yet Douglas..why would you use a noun from the 14th century, meaning “of low literary value”
to articulate a point?)

In speaking with an old friend the other day, who happens to be a communications professor now, the topic of  “new speak” or  the short messaging in social media and the smart phone world,  inevitable came up.  Speaking generally  we came to the conclusion that there is, at present, a false dichotomy that has been created by “us”……  Business communications and  Arts communications are two non-overlapping ways of communicating and we tend to use one or the other…or worse yet… We are taught that there is one way or the other. This false dichotomy  must end, if we want to truly communicate.

Entrepreneurs, like poets, invent new ways to connect people, ideas, and organizations through reinterpretation of images and ideas. Poets like entrepreneurs take the same intuitive leap, creating meaning where it didn’t exist before — then communicate it to their audience. The common denominator is coming up with an idea and making it real. Simply put, starting a business is the business equivalent of writing a poem.

Even in established businesses, many managers and leaders find their business inspiration in poetry. Many business leaders write poetry as part of daily journaling or simply to help centre themselves as they sort through their business challenges. In fact, it makes them leaders, much like a poet leads us through the reinterpretation of an image or idea.

So why the difference in the way we write? Well that is changing…..

A growing movement in business is the desire to inspire greater creativity in organizational life by overcoming habitual fear and reticence of expressing oneself through fostering, or nurturing, a sense of passion within the office. Passion is developed using poetry and story telling as a way to express deeper emotions. The goal is to provide new ways to look at life in business and to finding greater satisfaction in one’s work. Really, passion, creativity, innovation, emotional bonds, all are very human traits …and we are, in fact, humans.

Furthermore poetry is commonly found in mottoes, slogans, and even mission statements for businesses today. A whole new group, “entreprenual poets”  we will call them, provide inspirational verses, poetry-driven motivational programs and professional development using the skills one learns in the pursuit of the creative arts….. especially that of poetry and verse.

Haiku writing 101 at your nearest business school? I don’t think that will happen anytime soon but, what makes you a good communicator in the arts, will make you better communicator in your business dealings. How practical is this?Well…

Every year we pay business tax….. and every year…. along with the my paperwork   I send a handwritten note on a scrap piece of paper consisting of 17 syllables.. Will it change the Canadian Revenue Agency? I doubt it…it is sent merely to communicate.   I send it to articulate  a new way of looking at  our system, spread an idea, and to articulate a reinterpretation of the organization.


worker bees can leave
even the drones can fly away
the queen is their slave


I think the CRA agent  that opens my taxes every year, at least,  gets my point…

your neighbour,






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