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The Huron “Cash Mob”

I know what  you are thinking…“Douglas it is called a  FLASH Mob”.

Well in a way… you are right…

But here in Huron County we spend CASH instead.  (Dancing&Singing  is optional) There are 1 to 3 businesses starting up every month in Huron County…..why not be good neighbours?  THE HURON CASH MOB welcomes them to the neighbourhood by spending CASH, celebrating their new establishment with community BUY IN instead of song and dance. (Well maybe a little a song…)

We keep it secret from the targeted entrepreneur for a dramatic, social and festive atmosphere.. Think of it like a group of Act-Local-Bandits spending time getting to know their neighbours and celebrating the recent venture/investment in their community.

When and how do they happen?

On the last Saturday of every month, in  any one of our Huron County communities…. We usually  mill about outside the store until the exact, pre-planned,  moment…. When the Music starts, instead of singing or dancing we mob the retail store or service provider  with our presence and our CASH. We leave with smiles, a good or service, and an ACTING LOCAL story to tell.

Who is the Cash Mob?
21 Huron County Citizens and growing.

How do I join the Mob?
Show up and bring at  $10 in cash. We are an INCLUSIVE bunch of CASH-LADEN-LOCALS having a good time.

You can follow the intrepid adventures of the HURON CASH MOB  here  at Shopinhuron or on Twitter @huroncashmob, @shopinhuron, @ontarioswestcoast for locations and times.  Ask you your local BIA or Chamber representative about where the next one is they will know all about it.

Sneak Post: February 25th 11:04 am, Clinton ON. Exact Location will be released soon.

see you then…

Your Neighhbour

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