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The New Scarcity Challenge

 It is a new year  rife with resolutions. How about one that we  can  all follow through on?  Why? because this resolution is a  mental scenario or  strategic game.  It is not about not doing something ( eat less sweets, less fried food, less beer) it is about thinking and doing something you are already showing up to do… Work. There won’t  be any “Reality” TV about but you can pretend you rise to the top and win a million dollars. ( Because you just might make it instead)  Think about SCARCITY, in your target market, for this scenario we will define it, simply, as an Insufficiency in the amount of customers. We  shall name it the SCARCITY CHALLENGE.  

When sales are good, there’s no urgency or any real need to be innovative,  You are making margins that pay for your employees, your salary,  the heat, the lights. Well, what if you lost %40 of your customers overnight. You would feel  like your back is against the wall, it would force you to try new things. What tertiary  industries, or  markets would you get into with very little capital to re-tool or re-supply?

Why not run this scenario now?  Before you have not lost any customers.  Ramp up a few low-cost experiments and reexamine your entire business model for weaknesses in a  light economy. What do you have to  lose? You might just add %40 to your business without doing anything more than your usual routine….  and better yet… it is a resolution/scenario  that you can keep doing. Even if you do it while on the couch, eating  some dark chocolate,  a bag of potato chips, and sipping a beer.

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